Strategic Analysis - Focusing on business prospects or pure technology.
Competitive Analysis - Broad and deep survey of current and potential future competitors.
Web Strategy - How to best build an online presence. When and how to embrace "Web 2.0" paradigms.
Mobile Technology Consultation - How to best integrate mobile technologies into your business.
Enthusiast Marketing & Community Building - How to turn your customers into emotionally engaged enthusiasts.

About Me:
I have a rare combination of experience and skills that allow me to serve as a bridge between engineers, marketeers, hackers, journalists, end users, analysts, enthusiasts, and management. I am an accomplished strategist and marketeer, with particular skill in building and leveraging enthusiast communities.

I am passionate about the potential for "invisible" technology. I believe that the best technologies should be simple, elegant, intuitive, and always with you. I have the industry and technical insight to understand why few succeed and most products fail in approaching this vision.

I am presently technomadically traveling throughout North America making my life a living laboratory, working as an independent consultant while investigating mobile technologies and usage models.

I am willing to go anywhere for an interesting enough project - contact me if you are interested.

Chris Dunphy
Cell: +1-408-667-9022
AIM: RenDevang
YIM: RenDevang
Skype: Radven